The next program begins at the end of August 2019.

Applications from Oulu & Open University of Applied Science students are accepted from April 16th till May 15th.  Entrance interviews for the autumn semester are held in May-June. Applicants can participate in the interview via Skype or in person. You will be asked to book an interview time and date in Doodle or by email after sending the application.

We are looking for ambitious students who are not afraid of challenges and who have strong know-how in their professional field.

Apply as a student of Oulu University of Applied Sciences

  • Mainly for 3rd and 4th year students.

  • Plan and agree about the LAB studies with your degree programs supervisor.

  • Fill the application form and attach your CV.

  • All applicants will be interviewed. 

Apply as an open University of Applied Sciences Student

  • Students and professionals who are looking for new opportunities.

  • Register as a open University Student on our website.

  • Fill in the application form and attach your CV.

  • All applicants will be interviewed.

Apply as an international Exchange Student

  • Get familiar with the Oamk LAB curricula before applying.

  • Read and follow instructions on how to apply to Oamk LABs as an international exchange student.

CLICK & APPLY to Oulu DevLAB, Oulu Game LAB or Oulu EduLAB