LAB NEWS! #1/2016


#EduLAB starts! 45 full-time students and additional 15 part-time students are starting on January 18th.

The participants in EduLAB will be a diverse group consisting of students from Oulu University of Applied Sciences in the fields of Education, Design, Programming, Business and Health. The EduLAB cohort will also include a large group of University of Oulu Master’s degree students from the international program of Learning and Education Technology, as well as ICT professionals and exchange students from across Europe.


#Tip for the students! Global Game Jam in Oulu 29.1.

Oulu Game LAB, Stage ry, IGDA Oulu Hub and Meizi Games are organising the FGJ Oulu game jam on January 29th.

Game jams are events where participants have a limited time to develop a game. Global Game Jams always open with the publication of a theme, based on which people will start coming up with game ideas. Then, teams are formed, and development started. The jam ends on Sunday, when the (hopefully) finished games are presented.

WHERE: Hietalinna (Vaaskiventie 10, Hietasaari Oulu)

WHEN: 29.1. from 17:00 and 31.1. from 13:00

More information:

New EduLAB premises! (Kotkantie 1, c-wing)

New EduLAB premises! (Kotkantie 1, c-wing)

Waiting for furnitures!

Waiting for furnitures!