LAB NEWS! #2/2016



#Excitement in the air - Oamk LABs – GATE -events!

As you may know, LABs are a competitive process and LAB teams must present their concepts during pitch events called, Gates.  Oulu Game LAB had a Gate 1 event 25.1. and Oulu EduLAB & DevLAB teams pitched their projects  4. -5.2. where some of the projects dropped out.

Teams got organised again and continue the development of interesting projects! Next pitching events, "Gate 2" will be 22nd of February (Game LAB) and 1st of March! (Dev&EduLAB)

DevLAB poster

DevLAB poster



#DevLAB 2016 team has its third week going on with 28 students from all over Europe. They have created a poster about the good deeds they want to do at DevLAB. 

# DevLAB in Bulgaria!

DevLAB 2015 team went to Bulgaria for a course of Ic4Life (Innovations for life). DevLAB team organised a one-week experiment for 50 students and 14 teachers from six different countries based on LAB studio model developed by Oamk LABs.

"All publicity is good publicity”, said DevLAB´s LABmaster Janne when he saw himself in the Bulgarian main news.

If you want to see it for yourself, click here: LINK (from about 10 minutes onwards).

Team DevLAB in Bulgaria

Team DevLAB in Bulgaria

# Games, games, games – around the clock!

Oulu Game LAB, Stage ry, IGDA Oulu Hub and Meizi Games organized the FGJ Oulu game jam on January 29th. 


Game teams developed their games 48 hours during the weekend! The jam ended on January 31th and teams published 15 games.

See the games here: LINK

Event was sponsored by:
Oulu Game LAB, Stage ry, Meizi Games, FanART Games, Frozen Vision ja Fingersoft

Game jams are events where participants have a limited time to develop a game. Global Game Jams always open with the publication of a theme, based on which people will start coming up with game ideas. FGJ Oulu game jam was a part of Global Game jam happening. More info!