EduLAB - Gate 2

In EduLAB Gate 2 eight teams with different ideas gave it their all.

Art Alive pitching their idea to judges

Art Alive pitching their idea to judges

Teams were given 15 minutes to delegate between presenting their ideas and Q&A time with the 4 judges. Only 6 of the teams were able to make it through the gate, with the remaining 2 dropping out and joining forces with the winning teams.

Teams that Passed:
Mirror Us
Art Alive

Teams that Dropped: 


During Gates, teams pitch their ideas to a jury and the best ideas move forward for further development. Team members whose ideas are cut, get reorganised into those teams that do continue. After three Gates, teams can return to the LABs for an additional 5 months time to refine their product or service to enter the market or get investment funding.

After thousands of students, 70 prototype demos and 15 start-ups have been created. Oamk LABs has been recognized globally for its quality interdisciplinary training and has been ranked as one of the best university managed business incubators in the world by UBI Global in 2018.

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