Oamk LABs team received the second highest honor at the 2016 ECIE conference awards!

Ulla-Maija Seppänen, Blair Stevenson, Janne Karjalainen & Kari-Pekka Heikkinen together with Jouko Isokangas participated last week at the 2016 ECIE European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The conference has been held annually for 11 years all over the world and this year it was hosted by JAMK University of Applied Science and Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics between 15th and 16th of September.

The conference hosted also a contest for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Teaching Excellence Award. Altogether 40 entries from 18 countries were participating to the contest and out of those 30 competitors were invited to send their full case histories. A panel of expert judges worked to find the most innovative cases and in the end 12 entries had a chance to present their cases in the conference at stage. Oamk LABs made it to the final TOP three and came second! The winning case was presented by an individual teacher from the Dublin City University.

The award was a great opportunity to showcase Oamk LABs and demonstrate the quality of our programs to national and international participants. Our presentations have already led to expanded opportunities for collaboration. Next year the conference will be held in Paris, France, so our team felt there’s something to be still improved. :)

More information about the conference:


Conference articles:


Oamk LABs Case History for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Excellence Award


Oulu Dance Hack 2016

Finland's first ever Dance Hack - a hackathon-style event bringing together dance and technology hosted at Oulu EduLAB on 24-8 to 26.8. Oulu Dance Hack participants include international dancers and design professionals, Oamk dance students and Oulu EduLAB students. This innovative event is a collaboration between TaikaBox, Oulu EduLAB and the dance department at OAMK, with support from Business Oulu, JoJo Oulu Dance Centre, Haltian and Probot.

Presentations / Performance time - Open to the public. Date 26.8.16 at 14.00 - 15.00. Location: Oamk Kotkantie 1 campus, Oulu.


LAB NEWS! #2/2016



#Excitement in the air - Oamk LABs – GATE -events!

As you may know, LABs are a competitive process and LAB teams must present their concepts during pitch events called, Gates.  Oulu Game LAB had a Gate 1 event 25.1. and Oulu EduLAB & DevLAB teams pitched their projects  4. -5.2. where some of the projects dropped out.

Teams got organised again and continue the development of interesting projects! Next pitching events, "Gate 2" will be 22nd of February (Game LAB) and 1st of March! (Dev&EduLAB)

DevLAB poster

DevLAB poster



#DevLAB 2016 team has its third week going on with 28 students from all over Europe. They have created a poster about the good deeds they want to do at DevLAB. 

# DevLAB in Bulgaria!

DevLAB 2015 team went to Bulgaria for a course of Ic4Life (Innovations for life). DevLAB team organised a one-week experiment for 50 students and 14 teachers from six different countries based on LAB studio model developed by Oamk LABs.

"All publicity is good publicity”, said DevLAB´s LABmaster Janne when he saw himself in the Bulgarian main news.

If you want to see it for yourself, click here: LINK (from about 10 minutes onwards).

Team DevLAB in Bulgaria

Team DevLAB in Bulgaria

# Games, games, games – around the clock!

Oulu Game LAB, Stage ry, IGDA Oulu Hub and Meizi Games organized the FGJ Oulu game jam on January 29th. 


Game teams developed their games 48 hours during the weekend! The jam ended on January 31th and teams published 15 games.

See the games here: LINK

Event was sponsored by:
Oulu Game LAB, Stage ry, Meizi Games, FanART Games, Frozen Vision ja Fingersoft

Game jams are events where participants have a limited time to develop a game. Global Game Jams always open with the publication of a theme, based on which people will start coming up with game ideas. FGJ Oulu game jam was a part of Global Game jam happening. More info!



LAB NEWS! #1/2016


#EduLAB starts! 45 full-time students and additional 15 part-time students are starting on January 18th.

The participants in EduLAB will be a diverse group consisting of students from Oulu University of Applied Sciences in the fields of Education, Design, Programming, Business and Health. The EduLAB cohort will also include a large group of University of Oulu Master’s degree students from the international program of Learning and Education Technology, as well as ICT professionals and exchange students from across Europe.


#Tip for the students! Global Game Jam in Oulu 29.1.

Oulu Game LAB, Stage ry, IGDA Oulu Hub and Meizi Games are organising the FGJ Oulu game jam on January 29th.

Game jams are events where participants have a limited time to develop a game. Global Game Jams always open with the publication of a theme, based on which people will start coming up with game ideas. Then, teams are formed, and development started. The jam ends on Sunday, when the (hopefully) finished games are presented.

WHERE: Hietalinna (Vaaskiventie 10, Hietasaari Oulu)

WHEN: 29.1. from 17:00 and 31.1. from 13:00

More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/444281019100574/

New EduLAB premises! (Kotkantie 1, c-wing)

New EduLAB premises! (Kotkantie 1, c-wing)

Waiting for furnitures!

Waiting for furnitures!

Seven game teams and game companies will participate in Tokyo Game Show 17.-20.9.

Seven OGL-related game teams and game companies will participate in Tokyo Game Show 17.-20.9. They are presenting their games and knowhow on the world's most competitive markets. Tokyo Game Show is one of the major events in game industry. BusinessOulu is coordinating the program and trip.  Forum24  published a press release about that (see page 11). 



EduLAB applications are now open

If you would like to apply for EduLAB which starts on January 18, 2016 and runs until the beginning of June 2015, go to our How to Apply page and follow the links to our online application. If you are an international exchange student and would like to join EduLAB, you can also apply through the ESA system.

If chosen for an interview, applicants will be contacted via email during the first week of December and invited to participate in either a face-to-face or a virtual interview.

Application Period will open for January 2016 Labs on September 14!

Application period will open on September 14 for the January 2016 LABs - Oulu Game Lab (games industry focus), Edu Lab (education and training industry focus) and Dev Lab (other industries). The deadline for applications is November 15, 2015. In these Labs, we are looking for interested applicants with a background in a wide range of fields - games, education, coding, business, graphic design, health and others...

For more information about Edu Lab contact: Blair Stevenson at firstname.lastname@oamk.fi

For more information about Game Lab contact: Patty Toledo at firstname.lastname@oamk.fi

For more information about Dev Lab contact: Kari-Pekka Heikkinen at firstname.lastname@oamk.fi

Ticket orders to OAMK LABs just started.

Application period for OAMK LABs studies autumn 2015 has started for Oamk students.

You can now apply for following themes Energy & Environment (ENVI), Health and Wellbeing (LIFE) and Digital Solutions (DIGI). More information is seen in HOW TO APPLY. If you are interested in Game (OGL) theme, check application rules and period in Oulu Game Lab web-site http://www.oulugamelab.net/how-to-apply/.    

Fill in the application form and get your ticket to OAMK LABs!

APPLAB has begun!

On February 16, 40 participants began work in our newest multi-industry lab environment - APPLAB. Pairs have already been formed and concepts are being developed in fields such as health, energy, environment, and automotive software. Participants come from diverse backgrounds with many having previously worked for companies such as Nokia, Microsoft and Broadcom. APPLAB will be running until June 2015, so you are welcome to come by our premises at Torikatu 23, 6th floor in Oulu and learn more.