Our LAB team!

Contact: first name.last name @ oamk.fi

Oulu DevLAB


Name: Janne Karjalainen
Campus: Kotkantie campus
Job title: LAB-master, Senior lecturer
Pro expertise: Design thinker, project coach, concept development
Mad skillz: Avoiding difficult questions!
My jam: Gogol Bordello - Start wearing purple


Name: Ulla-Maija Seppänen
Campus: Any LAB space needed!
Job title: LAB Master, Senior Lecturer, international coordinator
Pro expertise: Developing innovative, funny and inspiring learning methods, know-how about groups and teams, human performance - especially mental health issues
Mad skillz: I´m the princess of the Magnificent Royal Kingdom of Rzazjów, I love spending time with my friends, A girl can never have too many books
My jam: Blue sounds - T.H.E. World


"I love wearing funny clothes. As a person, I am humble and modest"


Oulu EduLAB


Name: Blair Stevenson, PhD
Campus: Kotkantie campus
Job title: EduLAB master, Coordinator - LAB Research Group and International Partnerships, Senior lecturer
Pro expertise: Bridge building, global edtech, research
Mad skillz: Making pancakes and eating cookies!
My jam: Joni Mitchell - Borderline


"Sopivasti pölijä."



Name: Karoliina Niemelä
Campus: Kotkantie campus
Job title: Too artistic to use regular words to explain it
Pro expertise: Coloring inside the lines
Mad skillz: Coughing up feathers
My jam: The Evil PI - Yeah yeah yeah don’t answer my e-mail


"Off with their heads!"


Oulu GameLAB


Name: Anna Salomaa
Campus: Game Campus, Oulu GameLAB
Job title: LAB master, LAB Coach
Pro expertise: Expert in Project Management, Serious Games, Business Development, and innovation.
Fun fact: degree in forestry (I'm a lumberjack, and I'm okay)


Name: Roberto Hanas
Campus: Game Campus, Oulu GameLAB
Job title: LAB master, LAB Coach
Pro expertise: Expert in Graphic Design, active in the Game Dev scene in Romania, event organiser
Fun fact: I'm not a vampire. 

LAB coaches and tutors


Name: Tuula Ijäs
Campus: Teuvo Pakkalan katu campus
Job title: Senior lecturer, LAB coach
Pro expertise: Project management, accounting, running workshops, qualified GOPP-facilitator
Mad skillz: Chopping wood! Being with people and developing new ideas!
My jam: Haloo Helsinki! - Huuda!


"I want to save the world, so I do my part by recycling and making hand-loomed rugs from used clothes."



Name: Jouni Juntunen
Campus: Teuvo Pakkalan katu campus
Job title: Lecturer, LAB coach, business incubator instructor
Pro expertise: Software engineering, project management, business planning
Mad skillz: Making coffee on an open fire, hiking, paddling, hunting
My jam: Mötörhead - Overkill


"A good cup of coffee is always nice and you have to drink it from a 30-year-old kuksa!"



Name: Minna Karukka
Campus: Kotkantie campus
Job title: Senior lecturer
Pro expertise: User centric design, service design, usability
Mad skillz: Pilates, slalom and playing with my puppy Mortti!
My jam: U2 - Where the streets have no name


"Love to spend time with my puppy Mortti, a delightful bundle of energy and curiosity!"



Name: Eija Mämmelä


Name: Kaisa Orajärvi    
Campus: Kotkantie campus    
Job title: Laboratory engineer, LAB coach, tutor
Pro expertise: Medical engineering, 3D printing
Mad skillz: Mad sense of humour! Troublemaker. Fast (read: impatient)
My jam: Lenny Kravitz - Are you gonna go my way


"What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger"



Name: Nina Patrikka
Campus: Kotkantie campus
Job title: Senior Lecturer, LAB coach
Pro expertise: Graphic design, brand management, marketing concepts, digital publishing
Mad skillz: Nature loving artist
My jam: Ele - Kulkuset


"Yoga and meditation are my haven."



Name: Sanna Rönkkö
Campus: Teuvo Pakkalan katu campus
Job title: Teacher, LAB coach, Tutor
Pro expertise: Multitasker, approachable, experienced teacher
Mad skillz: Always ready for new adventures. I’m also a doula.
My jam: Beth Hart - Chocolate Jesus


"Just trying to survive here..!"



Other stuff members


Name: Jussi Haukkamaa
Campus: Kotkantie campus
Job title:  LAB coordinator


"I love to run, run run! And sometimes I am doing it also at work..!"



Name: KP Heikkinen
Campus: Wherever needed!
Job title: LAB coach, project manager, mentor
Pro expertise: Product concept development, leadership, team development
Mad skillz: Acting (my age)
My jam: Jimi Hendrix - Ain’t no telling


"You ain’t seen nothing yet!"



Name: Heikki Riikonen
Campus: Kotkantie campus
Job title: RDI manager, creative industries team manager, principal lecturer
Pro expertise: Funding, project and team management
Mad skillz: Carpentry, reading, WWII strategy games
My jam: Deep Purple - Highway Star


"Not as tough as I look"



Name: Jussi Kangasoja
Campus: Kotkantie campus
Job title: Project manager, Researcher, Tutor
Pro expertise: I see possibilities where others see challenges and challenges where others see possibilities
Mad skillz: Passionate coffee-breaker, tongue-in-cheek runner
My jam: Benny Törnroos - Käy Muumilaaksoon


"You miss 100% of the coffee breaks you never take"



Name: Kimmo Paajanen
Campus: Helsinki, Sharjah, Kathmandu
Job title: Project manager
Pro expertise:  International project management in both private and public sectors
Mad skillz: Walking Mr. Murphy - Ability to find all fault or errors from any software, hardware or process
My jam: Nino Rota: Speak Softly, Love (Theme from Godfather)