Our LAB team!

Contact: first name.last name @ oamk.fi

Oulu DevLAB


Name: Janne Karjalainen
Campus: Kotkantie campus
Job title: LAB-master, Senior lecturer
Pro expertise: Design thinker, project coach, concept development
Mad skillz: Avoiding difficult questions!
My jam: Gogol Bordello - Start wearing purple


Name: Ulla-Maija Seppänen
Campus: Any LAB space needed!
Job title: LAB Master, Senior Lecturer, international coordinator
Pro expertise: Developing innovative, funny and inspiring learning methods, know-how about groups and teams, human performance - especially mental health issues
Mad skillz: I´m the princess of the Magnificent Royal Kingdom of Rzazjów, I love spending time with my friends, A girl can never have too many books
My jam: Blue sounds - T.H.E. World


"I love wearing funny clothes. As a person, I am humble and modest"


Oulu EduLAB


Name: Blair Stevenson, PhD
Campus: Kotkantie campus
Job title: EduLAB master, Coordinator - LAB Research Group and International Partnerships, Senior lecturer
Pro expertise: Bridge building, global edtech, research
Mad skillz: Making pancakes and eating cookies!
My jam: Joni Mitchell - Borderline


"Sopivasti pölijä."



Name: Karoliina Niemelä
Campus: Kotkantie campus
Job title: Too artistic to use regular words to explain it
Pro expertise: Coloring inside the lines
Mad skillz: Coughing up feathers
My jam: The Evil PI - Yeah yeah yeah don’t answer my e-mail


"Off with their heads!"


Oulu GameLAB


Name: Aki Latvamäki
Campus: Game Campus, Oulu GameLAB
Job title: LAB master, audio coach, producer coach
Pro expertise: Audio wizard, technical lead, event producer
Mad skillz: Easy-going, intuitive, motivational, outspoken
My jam: Coil - The dreamer is still asleep

"I love creating music, and I've noticed that at least 50% of it has to do with cables and equipment. Most of my spare time goes into connecting cables to various kind of equipment and setting up microphones for recording. My dream is to record all the music I'm involved in creating, hopefully creating a unique collection of extraordinarily weird audio material in the process."

LAB coaches and tutors


Name: Tuula Ijäs
Campus: Teuvo Pakkalan katu campus
Job title: Senior lecturer, LAB coach
Pro expertise: Project management, accounting, running workshops, qualified GOPP-facilitator
Mad skillz: Chopping wood! Being with people and developing new ideas!
My jam: Haloo Helsinki! - Huuda!


"I want to save the world, so I do my part by recycling and making hand-loomed rugs from used clothes."



Name: Jouni Juntunen
Campus: Teuvo Pakkalan katu campus
Job title: Lecturer, LAB coach, business incubator instructor
Pro expertise: Software engineering, project management, business planning
Mad skillz: Making coffee on an open fire, hiking, paddling, hunting
My jam: Mötörhead - Overkill


"A good cup of coffee is always nice and you have to drink it from a 30-year-old kuksa!"



Name: Minna Karukka
Campus: Kotkantie campus
Job title: Senior lecturer
Pro expertise: User centric design, service design, usability
Mad skillz: Pilates, slalom and playing with my puppy Mortti!
My jam: U2 - Where the streets have no name


"Love to spend time with my puppy Mortti, a delightful bundle of energy and curiosity!"



Name: Eija Mämmelä


Name: Marika Heiskanen
Campus: Professorintie campus
Job title: Senior lecturer, LAB coach
Pro expertise: Creativity, healthcare, ergonomics and 11 years of entrepreneurial experience
Mad skillz: Doing cartwheels and baking cinnamon buns.
I’m an inventor and have a lot of wild ideas
My jam: U2 - Beautiful Day


"Life isn`t about waiting for the storm to pass it`s about learning to dance in the rain"



Name: Pekka Nisula
Campus: Kotkantie campus
Job title: Planning officer, LAB coach
Pro expertise: Unity, programming, virtual reality
Mad skillz: All kinds of games! Frisgee golf!
My jam: Metallica - Wherever I May Roam


"Frisbee golf is my passion! During summer I can be at it almost everyday, it’s so much fun and very relaxing."



Name: Kaisa Orajärvi    
Campus: Kotkantie campus    
Job title: Laboratory engineer, LAB coach, tutor
Pro expertise: Medical engineering, 3D printing
Mad skillz: Mad sense of humour! Troublemaker. Fast (read: impatient)
My jam: Lenny Kravitz - Are you gonna go my way


"What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger"



Name: Nina Patrikka
Campus: Kotkantie campus
Job title: Senior Lecturer, LAB coach
Pro expertise: Graphic design, brand management, marketing concepts, digital publishing
Mad skillz: Nature loving artist
My jam: Ele - Kulkuset


"Yoga and meditation are my haven."



Name: Sanna Rönkkö
Campus: Teuvo Pakkalan katu campus
Job title: Teacher, LAB coach, Tutor
Pro expertise: Multitasker, approachable, experienced teacher
Mad skillz: Always ready for new adventures. I’m also a doula.
My jam: Beth Hart - Chocolate Jesus


"Just trying to survive here..!"



Other stuff members


Name: Jussi Haukkamaa
Campus: Kotkantie campus
Job title:  LAB coordinator


"I love to run, run run! And sometimes I am doing it also at work..!"



Name: KP Heikkinen
Campus: Wherever needed!
Job title: LAB coach, project manager, mentor
Pro expertise: Product concept development, leadership, team development
Mad skillz: Acting (my age)
My jam: Jimi Hendrix - Ain’t no telling


"You ain’t seen nothing yet!"



Name: Heikki Riikonen
Campus: Kotkantie campus
Job title: RDI manager, creative industries team manager, principal lecturer
Pro expertise: Funding, project and team management
Mad skillz: Carpentry, reading, WWII strategy games
My jam: Deep Purple - Highway Star


"Not as tough as I look"



Name: Jussi Kangasoja
Campus: Kotkantie campus
Job title: Project manager, Researcher, Tutor
Pro expertise: I see possibilities where others see challenges and challenges where others see possibilities
Mad skillz: Passionate coffee-breaker, tongue-in-cheek runner
My jam: Benny Törnroos - Käy Muumilaaksoon


"You miss 100% of the coffee breaks you never take"